Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thoughts from The Excellent Wife

I started chapter 2 in The Excellent Wife: A Biblical Perspective. It deals primarily with the nature of God and his purpose for wives. The idea that a submissive wife always equals a subservient wife is common in feminist thinking so I thought this quote from my MacArthur Study Bible was so uplifting and encouraging!

"When God saw His creation as very good He viewed it as being to that point the perfect outcome to his creative plan. However, in observing mans state as not good He was commenting on his incompleteness before the end of the sixth day because the woman, Adams counterpart had not yet been created. The words of this verse emphasize man's need for a companion, a helper, an equal. He was incomplete without someone to complement him...This points to Adams inadequacy not Eve's insufficiency. Woman was made by God to meet man's deficiency."

How wonderful to know that I was created for a purpose! My purpose is to fill a void in my husband. I complete him. I compliment him and together we are One Flesh. Without each other we can not be whole.