Thursday, January 28, 2010


About 3 years ago I swore I would never use the term best friend again. It was a contrived term used only to separate friends into degrees. If I have a best friend then it stands to reason that I must have a worst friend right?

We all used it during high school and at the time I really and honestly thought those friendships would last forever. And then I grew up. Looking back I can honestly say that I let those friendships manipulate me. I let them define me when most of the time those who claimed to be my best friends were the ones who hurt me the most. They were the ones that were least trustworthy. Of course, now it doesn't really bother me because I have come to realize that, for most of us, our best friends are not made during high school. They are made as adults.

I ended a friendship a few years ago that took me almost 20 years to realize it was toxic. Really, when I think back on the straw that broke the cammel's back, it almost seems silly. However, I can tell you that night, I sat in bed and cried, partially because I had been betrayed, partially because I was very sad to have to cut someone out of my life, but mostly because I was relieved. Very relieved. That night I determined never to have a best friend again.

Now you have to know all of that to realize how much this next part of the story impacted me.

We joined First Baptist church 3 years ago. I met alot of good women and made some great friends. I have grown closer to some than to others and in general was happy to keep everyone just far enough away as to not be burned again. But in all honestly I was very envious of everyone claiming to have a "best friend". I mean who doesnt want to be able to post on facebook that they hung out with their "bestie" and so on right? My husband is and always will be my absolute best and most intimate friend but I really needed a girl friend that I could count on.

I prayed for God to put friends into my life. One day he finally did that. Though it took us a bit of time to realize it! A friend at church helped me get a job at a MDO program. I was stoked and soon was doing my best to get to know each of the other ladies I worked with. One of those gals was Brandie. It was perfect. She had a son just my Keira's age! So I began to ask Brandie if she would like to go on playdates? In fact I recall one time we ran into each other at a little water park and I attempted to plan a date then. She was consistantly non-commital or just flat out said no thanks. After a while I started to wonder, did I smell? was there a booger hanging out of my nose each time we talked? Gasp, did she just not like me?! No, no that couldn't be it right? So, one day I asked her what is the problem? Why do you never want to meet up for a playdate? You know what her exact words were? " I dont want to be your friend". Yep, thats what she said to me. Honestly, I dont remember being anything but shocked. I also dont remember what changed but finally she agreed to get together and from then on she has been my best friend.

What I love about our friendship is that it is honest. Sometimes honest isnt always nice, but I know that if I call Brandie I can count on her to hold me accountable. That she will always tell me when I need to shut up and get over it, and when what I am complaining about is my own fault. And I can do the same for her and we are still friends when its over! Even beyond the "deeper" things I can ask her if she likes my hair and if she doesnt she is truthful! Truth in a friendship, imagine that! Its also fun to have someone that I can just be silly with!

Anyways, I just wanted to take some time to write down how I met you and to let you know that I am truly blessed to have a friend like you in my life. You have been more to me than you know and I am looking forward to seeing how our friendship grows. I love you girl!

Monday, January 4, 2010

One year old

Just realized that my HS blog is exactly one year old today :P)

Math, Messes, and Mysteries

Silent reading time
Brianna's phonics was on the question mark today and I cracked up when she exclaimed "Look Mom! Mysteries!!"

What happens when you take your eyes off a one year old boy.

"I love math!!"

Today was chaotic. Well, that probably isn't a strong enough word for it LOL.

Luke woke up in a great mood but was very energetic and wanted to be right under my feet. He wasn't going to tolerate being confined to the Mei Tei so I tried the play yard. He did good in there for a bit if Keira played with him, but eventually escaped and landed right under my feet again. I eventually gave up on keeping him out of the school room. The result was a spread out pile of craft pon-pons.

We are starting a few new things today. The first is silent reading time. Brianna has reached the point in her reading that she can sit and decode a story with minimal to no help from me. She sat on the couch and read for about 20 min while I worked with Keira. She was so proud and I had to stop her from running to me every time she decoded a new word LOL. The second thing we are going to do that is new is Health and Fitness. I went ahead and grabbed the ABeka because I found it at Half Price.

Keira continues getting used to having structured learning time and loves math. She is also very excited about her Explode the Code primers.

One thing that has changed is the amount of time we spend at "school". I knew it would go a little longer now that Keira has sit down learning time but it has increased quite a bit more than I expected. Not a bad thing, but it has meant that I have had to readjust a few things. Thats what is great about HSing though. FLEXABILITY!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Teacher Discounts

Most of us know that some stores will offer discounts (10%-20%) to public school teachers, but did you know that some stores will also offer discounts to private and homeschool teachers as well? Here are a few that I know will give you a discount:

Half Priced Books-Just walk in and ask them for a card. It even has a spot for you to check homeschool.

Hobby Lobby- They offer discounts to private schools, because homeschools are considered private schools in the state of Texas I just said I taught at a private school. They did ask me for an ID but I just explained that because we were a private school we didn't have one. They were ok with that. You can not just use the discount on frivilous purchases. They must be purchases specifically for schooling.

Barnes and Noble- I havent gotten this one yet so will have to update the details

Joanns- This one can actually be applied for online

Staples-Not confirmed

Office Max-Not confirmed

Lakeshore Learning- You get a card that they scan that takes 10% off. I had no trouble getting this without an ID

If anyone has any to add please let me know!