Friday, April 30, 2010

HomeSchooling For Free: Introduction

Most homeschooling families understand and are fine with the fact that they are assuming the financial burden of responsibility when they chose not to utilize the public school system (for those curious homeschooling families, at least in Texas, do not get a tax break. We pay the same exact school taxes that our public schooling neighbors do). But can you get a great education without spending a fortune?

That's what this series will help you do! I will be posting great sites with activities, printables, and other resources that allow you to educate your child from kindergarten up through graduation for as little as it cost to print off the worksheets. Here are a few things you will definitely need:

A library card: This is a must! Your local library will be a main source if you are trying to save money while you homeschool. Most libraries do not charge for a card, but if you are out of county for your library you may have a small fee, right around $5. Your library will not only give you access to books but also educational programs, DVD's, the internet, and even reproduceable curriculum.

A printer : It doesn't have to be fancy. It doesnt even have to be a color printer, but investing in a printer is alot cheaper than paying by the sheet at the library or your local quick copy.

Some things I suggest but are not required include a filing cabinet and some basic supples such as a 3 hole punch, folders/binders.

Alright, there it is! My first instalment of my HomeSchooling for Free series. I can't wait to share more money saving tips for Home Schooling with you!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, everyone should check with their local libraries, some libraries will let you print 10 pages for free if it is for school. Unfortunately, my libraries don't, but my cousin in Dallas, GA, does this for her college courses.

Anna said...

Great tip thanks!