Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dallas Museum of Nature and Science Family Pass for $45!

A friend of mine just emailed me this link and it is an awesome deal!

The Children’s Museum at the Museum of Nature & Science!

Why is the sky blue?

Our children are so curious. Everything the world has to offer is of interest to them whether natural or man-made. Why is the sky blue? Why does daddy’ face feel the way it does? Why does a cat make that purring sound? Why does this trash can smell so yucky? Why does this cupcake taste so good? It goes on and on - always exploring, always learning. Why? Why? Why?

Our children have great imaginations. One day they may be a cowboy. The next a ballerina. The following a dramatic actor. After that a star athlete. They can build cities, cook a four-course meal, have the queen over for tea, travel through time and save the world from the bad guys…all in one day. There is no limit to what they can do.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that…
With the goal of serving the unique needs of children from infancy to seven years old, MNS has created a space to stimulate a child’s curiosity through a variety of hands-on, sensory experiences that foster a thirst for discovery and knowledge.

In the Children’s Museum, MNS has created the perfect atmosphere where families may learn and explore together - safe, spontaneous, individualized, self-paced, non-linear and exploratory spaces to help children understand themselves and trust in their own choices as they are free to touch, explore and dream.

So…combine your child’s constant quest for answers with his/her vivid imagination…add in the amazing scientific resources at MNS, blend them together with themed play areas overflowing with stimulating adventures and you have “ Come and Explore Your World”

“Come and Explore Your World”

Made up of five galleries, it is a place where children will learn about the world in which we all live.

Little Urban Farm
Water Room
Explore Your Town
Explore My House
Explore Your Backyard

Little Urban Farm
In Little Urban Farm children can be a “farmer for the day” and explore the nature and science of farming. They can milk a cow, gather eggs, drive a tractor, and plant, harvest and sort crops.

Water Room
In the Water Room Children will be introduced to the properties of water and can experiment with movement, measurement and volume using a variety of water tools.

Explore Your Town
Explore Your Town introduces children to the man-made world. Made up of six play sets in which they can explore “helpers” in their community as they experience the work of grown-ups.

In the Fire Department, children can practice being an EMT, or take on the role of a firefighter while dressing up in child size bunker gear. Their gross motor skills are enhanced while climbing on the pretend Fire Truck.

In the Building Supply and the Utility Company, children can be an engineer or put on a hard hat, grab a tool belt, and explore balance while building a structure with a variety of building materials. These experiences enable young children to gain the fine motor control they need to accomplish tasks important to their growth and development. An understanding of math begins by manipulating real materials through patterning, sequencing, size and measurement.

In the Performing Arts Theatre and Dressing Room, children can be creative, spontaneous and use imagination to create characters, actions or events while practicing listening and oral language skills on stage. Trying on a variety of costumes enables them to act out familiar situations, solve problems and experiment with different solutions. The adjoining concave and convex fun mirrors will give children the opportunity to observe how the distorted reflected images change the appearance of body image.

In the Conservatory Center, children will practice auditory, visual, comprehension and math skills and experiment with creating and performing music using a variety of musical instruments including instruments from other cultures.

In the Fine Art Museum, children can explore the works of a featured artist, past or present. This opportunity provides knowledge about different art and artists through a variety of interchangeable materials. While manipulating these materials, children will make many self–discoveries that are important elements in art, such as texture, line, balance, value, color, space and form. These experiences also enforce spatial concepts along with early math and reading skills. On display will be featured original art work created by children modeling the work of the featured artist.

The Science Museum features an exploration into physics while trying the different hands on materials. They can explore minerals and other materials using their senses while at the science discovery table.

Explore My House
In Explore My House children can learn more about their neighbors and their cultural backgrounds. Programming in the House changes to reflect different cultures – on one visit you and your child may experience a house decorated for Easter, on another, for Chinese New Year and on yet another, a house decorated for Kwanzaa. Children can explore the house and prepare meals in the kitchen with pretend food and appliances, all the while learning about cultural holidays that are celebrated by people that live in our community.

Explore Your Backyard
Explore Your Backyard invites children to explore the environment and the creatures that may live in their own backyard. The Live Animal Display Wall allows children to observe live snakes, spiders, turtles, insects, lizards and more. In the four imaginary play experiences children can crawl through a large ant hill to see the world of an ant, balance on a beam like a squirrel running along a fence, cling to a wall to try life as a gecko, or weave their way through a spider web to experience the life of a spider. Children can also learn about renewable energy with the museum’s first solar-powered display, create by a partnership with Green Mountain Energy. Designed to educate about energy production, its use, and conservation, the interactive exhibit is comprised of a kiosk powered by a 36” x 60” photovoltaic solar paneled 640 watt “solar array” that harnesses the power of the sun.

Within Your Backyard is the Backyard Patio, a soft play area reserved for our youngest patrons ages birth to two years old. Toddlers and babies have the opportunity to engage in gross and fine motor skills while exploring their world through active sensory materials.

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