Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Crafts

We are not really Earth Day celebrators here, but I definitely don't see anything wrong with teaching my children to take care of what God has given us and recycling is a part of that, and using old things to make new things is just fun(and did I mention cheap?)! So here are a few way to recycle some of the things that may be laying around your house!

This Bottle Cap Locket is a neat way to create a fun keepsake!

Make some beautiful music with this Coffee Can Drum.

Add some color to your garden with this Fabric Scrap Garden.

These Seeded Bookmarks are multi-functional!

And this Milk Jug Bird Feeder will help open up a science discussion!

Great recycling crafts can be found all over the internet with a simple search! If you have a great recycling craft idea feel free to post it in a reply!

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