Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Giveaway! Subscription to ClickNRead and ClickNSpell


Always looking to see if something works better for us, we have been trying a new phonics and spelling program. Here is my review and at the bottom a chance to win a subscription to
ClickN SPELL & ClickN READ

ClickN Spell is a computer based phonics program designed for emergent readers all the way up through grade 3. When you go through the set up process for your child(ren) you will have the option to chose which lesson they start on. When your child enters the program s/he will be taken through a series of fun animated lessons. Each lesson is between 20-40 minutes long preventing boredom with younger children. Lesson 1 will start with the basics of letter sounds, beginning word sounds, basic blends, and location on the keyboard(a feature which I really love!). Upper levels will work on more complicated blends and more advanced reading. The program uses a combination of 800 words to create sentences and stories for each level.

ClickN Read is a computer based spelling program that is designed for emergent readers up through grade 5. As with the phonics program, ClickN Read allows you to set up your child's account according to what level s/he is ready for with lower levels being simple words and upper levels having more advanced spelling and offers fun annimations to liven up the lessons.

Both programs offer many neat options: Besides allowing you to set up your child's lesson level, in the adult administration area you can view progress reports, print a DOLCH sight word list, and print worksheets and practice sentences.

Our personal experience with the program has been great. My kids love anything they can do on the computer and I love being able to sit one of them at the computer while I do one on one time with the other and the fact that they are learning something just sweatens the deal! We find the lessons easy to navigate and engaging. The administration area is helpful and easy to navigate as well.

Although you need a separate account for each child and the phonics and spelling programs are sold separately, the accounts are lifetime accounts meaning that once one child has finished with them the name can be changed and a second child can go through them or you can even opt to transfer them to another user. The lessons are repeatable and if at any time you find you are unhappy with the program a full refund is offered within 60 days. You can even sample a few of the lessons before purchasing by clicking the banner at the top of this blog post.

Now on to the fun part! I have TWO accounts to give away. Both contain ClickN Spell and ClickN Read. What do you have to do to win? Well, that is easy! All you need to do is start following my blog by signing up for email updates HERE (you MUST verify your account) or following My Twitter Updates and then post a reply to this blog. If you already follow me then just post a reply. You can enter up to two times(one for each update you follow). I will draw the winner on Friday May 7th using a random line picker. Winners have three days to respond to my email or I chose another.

This review is genuine. Everything written is my own personal view and not that of ClickN Kids.


Anonymous said...

I want to win!
Holly Brzycki

Leann said...

Wow! That sounds awesome! I would love to win and try this out. Thanks for the great opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Hope I win!!
Stephanie Boler

tamara said...

We went to the library the other day and Travis loved the computer, would love to try this out!

Stephanie @ Couponing 101 said...

Would love to win! I subscribe to your blog.

Anonymous said...

I would love to win and try this out. My kids loves to play learning games on the computer

tammy byford said...

I would love to win and try this out. My kids loves to play learning games on the computer

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to win this! My oldest (1st grade) struggles with reading and loves computer games. I've heard of them before and looked into it. We're not spending any money on curriculum (hubby has been out of work over a year now) or this would be like the first thing I'd buy.