Thursday, November 19, 2009

Give away!

I have 5 subscriptions to Home Education Magazine to give away!

The question this week is: What is your favorite Language Arts program? Why do you like it?

I will draw the winners next week!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I finally have the photos uploaded to the computer! A few weeks ago we decided to take a homeschool co-op group trip to NASA. We had so much fun!

Its kind of dark but here is our group!

Keira had so much fun doing astronaut training.

Luke my future engineer?

Yes that is my daughter being a goober.

We of course made a solar system after we got back.

Always loving on each other.
The solar system model was a bit of a disaster, in that the girls really didnt get to do much. Wow, was it way to complicated. Despite that the girls are still very proud to have it hanging in the school room. I am thinking we are going to start Apologia if only I could get past the cost...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Home Science Tools Contest Question

Todays question is for a $30 gc to Home Science Tools!!! Just answer the question and a winner will be drawn randomly. What has been your favorite science activity so far with your child(ren)?

Home Science Tools

Home Science Tools is a resource for parents, teachers, and kids who want a better experience with hands-on science. Frank and Debbie Schaner started the company in 1994, when they realized how difficult it was to find the right supplies for doing science at home with their four children. Since then, they've been committed to making science both fun and accessible for families and classrooms.
No longer in the Schaners' spare closet - where the first products were stored - Home Science Tools has expanded over the years to serve the wide range of science needs of parents and teachers throughout the country. After building a new 16,000 square foot facility in 2006, we have increased our ability to keep products in stock, so your order can be shipped the same or next business day. Our operations are also more efficient, which saves you money through low prices!
Thanks to Frank's chemical engineering background, Home Science Tools was founded with real science experience. And as the company has grown, we've gotten more excited about hands-on science. We evaluate each product we offer to make sure that it's good quality and has strong educational value so that when you order from us, you're sure of getting real tools that will encourage science exploration. (Check out our favorite products for some ideas.)
Making science hands-on and easier to do can have a significant impact for the future. As Frank says, "Our purpose at Home Science Tools is to provide families and schools with the tools they need to give their children and students a better science education. We believe our service is helping to develop today's kids into the faithful and competent scientists, medical professionals, engineers, and teachers of tomorrow."
So what does our enthusiasm about science mean for you? We don't just offer the best educational hands-on science supplies; we also guarantee your satisfaction with them. If you are at all dissatisfied with one of our products, you are welcome to return it with our 90-day return policy. And if you have questions about our products, our knowledgeable customer service team members will be glad to help! They have years of experience with our products, making them a valuable resource to answer your questions about what to use for science. You can reach our customer service team by emailing or calling 1(800) 860-6272.
We strive to provide the best "behind the scenes" service, too. Our warehouse crew works hard to make sure that your order arrives quickly - and accurately! Our total error rate is consistently well below 1% of all orders shipped. We also have a Quality Control department that carefully checks all our microscopes and other equipment before we ship it, ensuring that you get products in excellent condition.
Home Science Tools is located in Billings, Montana, along the Yellowstone River. If you're ever in town, stop by our store! (You can find directions here.)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Busy weeks

When someone says to me "aren't you worried about socalization?" I want to laugh. Sometimes I actually do. Consider our week this week:

Monday-Schooling with a friend to work on our ABC Animal Notebooks and gymnastics
Tues- School then sewing with friends
Thurs-leaving for our NASA trip
Saturday-Tyler Discovery Museum

Actually, now that I think about it I am concerned that we won't actually have time to interact with anyone because we are on the go the entire time!

Off to plan our after NASA activities. Bri has been begging me for ages to make a solar system! I think her daddy is just as excited about it LOL!