Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: K'nex and Lincoln Logs

Just imagine it. Hours of quiet play time. Kids are getting along and everyone is happy. That doesn't happen often does it? Same here, but I can tell you when it does happen. It happens when the kids have engaging toys out.

K'nex and Lincoln Logs are two of our favorite toys and as you can imagine I couldn't turn a review down from them! I wanted to have all kinds of snazzy pictures of the actual boxes we got but my kids had them all dumped out before I could get to it! Needless to say they have never actually gone back into the boxes as they are constantly being played with!

K'nex are are these nifty plastic building materials that go together to make anything your imagination can dream up! They come in different sizes, flexibilities and some even glow in the dark! We were given a 350 piece value tub to review. I have to be honest, I love the value tubs more than I like the themed kits. My kids always seem to only want to do the theme when they get the kits and I love watching them take the value tub and dreaming up their own creations. We have seen everything from whales to cars and of course airplanes! The 350 piece value tub runs for $21.99 so is a great value as these toys are priceless and there is free shipping on orders over 75! Now, to warn you, there are some pretty small pieces in this tub and the box is rated for 7 and up. I definitely suggest that this age limit be observed also, vacuum cleaners love small K'nex pieces as a snack. Ask my Dyson how I know that.

We loved our kit, but there are so many to choose from if you would rather have a themed one. I mean check out this super cool Amusement Park Series or these Monster Jam sets! There are even Sesame Street sets for the younger aspiring architect. K'nex are a definite must have toy in your homeschooling (or not) house!

The second item we were blessed with was Lincoln Logs. Lincoln Logs are real wooden logs that have been notched to fit together in a log cabin style. The sets usually have some plastic roofing and a figurine as well. I have to say that these are my favorites! I personally sat and built with them by myself for several hours. We were given the Fort Hudson Set which runs $25.99 and is age rated for 3 and up. As with the K'nex there are several sets to choose from and something I loved was the Little Prairie set that is designed just for girls!

If I had to choose a con for K'nex or Lincoln Logs, I would have to say that they can be kind of pricey. However, they are ageless toys that can easily last until your child is grown! My 26 year old brother may have had more fun with them than the kids did when he came down to visit! Other than the price, I can not think of a single reason why you should not have these in your home!

Do you already have and love K'nex or Lincoln Logs? Tell me about how you incorporate them into your homeschool day! In the mean time, be sure to pop on over to Facebook and like K'nex!

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Career Uncle said...

I admit, I was asked to perform some precision Lincoln Log engineering.

Anna said...

Which incidentally has left Luke with the impression that you are the only one with the skills required to build...anything.