Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dump the Frump Challenge #2

Challenge #2: Establish a morning routine that includes a shower, getting dressed, eating a good breakfast and doing hair and make up.

My morning routine takes about 15 minutes so you don't need to have alot of time for this! You just need the desire to get up and make your self feel good by making yourself look good!

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Rachel E. said...

Once again, Anna, you look wonderful. I really need some new clothes. I don't have anything to wear. I have a favorite peasant skirt, but it is so difficult to find clothes I like. I can't wait to get back to the US and hit the thrift stores. I think it will help me out a great deal. Until then, I think I need to look online for some clothes to get me through to the summer. ARGH!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

The jacket looks so cute with your dress! Don't you love Chico's? You make the horizontal pattern look good, too.

We have a morning routine, but it's only because my guys are bigger now. When they were little, I was like lightning when I got ready in the morning.

I'm loving dump the frump! Thanks for the videos

Anna said...

Catherine-You know I have never been into a Chicos?! I glanced in once, saw the prics and never went back.

Right now I squeeze my getting ready in while the kids are either eating or watching TV. I also found that taking a shower in the evening when DH is home or when the kids are in bed usually works out better for me.