Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Thrift Store Haul

I went thrift store shopping for myself for the first time yesterday! It isn't really that I am clothes snob but I am a weird size so it is usually easier for me just to go to the few stores that I know carry my size. Yesterday, though, I took a chance and it paid off and I am so excited to share!

The video is not the best. I didn't realize how the unnatural light was making the video orange and I am dressed in my Sparkies shirt for Awanas, but I don't often get 5 minutes without the kids running around so I took advantage. I will be sure to use natural lighting in future.

I would love to hear about your thrift store experiences!

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Mrs. Taffy said...

Awesome deals! I LOVE thrift store shopping and garage saling! Have fun looking beautiful next week!

Rachel E. said...

Great idea Anna! I know what you mean about feeling frumpy and thinking it isn't important. There are some days I am still in my pjs at night. Yep, all day long. I guess it is a matter of "why change my clothes?" Anyway, yesterday, after I showered, I decided to put a bit of mascara on and you does make you feel better and brightens up the face. I know my husband doesn't want to come home to a frumpy looking doll. So, if not for yourself, then most definitely for him.

I look forward to your posts.
Oh, and great finds on your thrift store shopping. I told my kids and hubby that I look forward to shopping in the thrift stores when we get moved back to the US.

Anna said...

Yes, I get caught in that frumpy thing quite often. I am pretty sure my DH appriciates coming home to a well put together wife. I also think it just makes me look like I have been productive. It doesnt matter how clean the house is, if I am in my PJ's he asks me what I did all day LOL.

I'm looking forward to seeing if I can follow through!
Rachel E-Where are you living now?

Rachel E. said...

Well, I am Rachel from ladybugsabode but I live in Warsaw, Poland.

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I'm looking forward to your new series. I have fallen into the frumpy-mommy look and am determined to work on that this year. It is kind of hard during the winter months because it is sooooooooooooooo cold and all I want to do is bundle up.

That is funny about buying the dress even though you have noone to fit it. I'm sure you will find a cute little girl that will look adorable in it.

My children were watching your video w/me and the first thing they noticed was your AWANA Sparkies shirt.

Anna said...

Milk and Honey mom- Believe me I understand how easy it is to fall into that frump hole! Especially during the cold parts of the year. I will definitely be sure to address dressing for the cold.

How could I pass up an $88 for $2.99?! I have a dear friend who has a baby girl, thinking I might pass it on to her!

LOL yeah, I was about to walk out the door for church so didn't bother to change. If you saw the bottom half of me you would have seen my "Baptist" blue jean skirt LOL.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

It's January in New York, so I am bundled up - but those skirts are adorable, and would have me dreaming about Spring. :)

Anna said...

It does get cold here every now and then. I have several pair of thick tights that are perfect for throwing on and covering my legs and since they are thick, they keep me warm too. The white and pink skirt, I will probably save for spring, but the red one, I can definitely throw on tights with. In the house where it doesn't really matter I wear my tennis shoes. If I go out I just swap them out with shoes that match them. And of course scarves and jackets are a great way to cute something up and add warmth.