Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dump the Frump Challenge #3

Challenge#3: Dump anything that is faded, torn, too small, too big, dated or that you just don't wear. Fewer choices means you are more likely to chose something that isn't frumpy!

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Rachel E. said...

Very cute again! I could never wear that outfit because I am very hippy. If I wore a top like that my top would be popping out. I know I could find a higher cut tshirt or tank underneath.

Just so you know, I appreciate your challenge this week, but I am failing miserably. So, good job. You are super motivated.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I love that dress! It's such a cute color, and the cut flows nicely on you. That's great advice - to clean out the closet. I have to do that again, soon.

Anna said...

Rachel- I will look around and find a site but I know there are some that sell the higher cut tops. I actually need to get some myself. These tops are comfy but they do creep down sometimes. Another trick is to pin them to your top shirt or to your bra. I just pull the undershirt up and use a safety pin.

Catherine-Thank you! It is definitely one of my favorites, though I will admit I had to change about halfway through the day because of packing.