Monday, January 30, 2012

Goal Planning Monday

Who couldn't use a little lot of motivation when it comes to setting goals for the week? This week I decided to gather my inspiration from Goal Planning Monday over at Mama Manuscripts. Go check it out and add your own goal plans!

My Goals for this week are:

1. Get the girls back on at least a semi-regular school schedule. Packing has thrown us all off course and I don't expect it to be "normal" but at least get us back to doing the cores regularly.

2. Have the house packed and ready to start deep cleaning by next week. This is probably a long shot since I am going to have to drive quite a ways out to get some more boxes, but we really need to get the house on the market soon so I am going to try!

3. Blog at least 2 blogs in my Types of Homeschooling series.

4. Lapbook review for Hands of a Child.

5. Cook dinner every night except Friday. Last week we ended up out to eat way too much. Which is actually fairly unusual for us. We do have my Dad's birthday dinner Friday but every other night we are having a home cooked meal.

There it is! The list is short but everything on it is pretty involved. Tell me what your goals for this week are and be sure to head over and link up if you blogged about Goal Planning Monday!

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Kympossible said...

Preparing for a move while trying to keep to some kind of a school schedule IS pretty involved! Good luck!

Birdie said...

I love your goals and am snagging a few for next week :) Hubby and I just started making a point of only eating out once a week and it is *killing* me!

Debbie said...

Stopping by from Goal Planning Monday. Glad you joined us. Your goals look good to me. Homeschooling while trying to pack and sell a house is hard. I pray you have real success.

Anna said...

Thanks! I broke the dont eat out rule but really going to buckle down this week. Trying to save gas money so wont be going out and hopefully that means less temptation!