Sunday, October 24, 2010

Smores on a Stick

I can't remember where I came across this recipe, but I knew I was going to have to try it! It is a fun twist on the classic smores and best of all it was something the kids could do right along with me!
I just kind of went with the flow on the measurements for this one so I am going to guesstimate what it took me.

1 package(1lb) semi-sweet morsels
1 large package large marshmallows
about 8 graham crackers
24 kebab skewers

In a ziplock bag crush graham crackers. Some like it crushed really fine others like bigger chunks. How fine you crush is up to you, but we crushed ours pretty fine.

Place one or two marshmallows on the wooden skewers.

Melt chocolate using the microwave or a double boiler method. I add a bit of vegetable oil to thin it out while it's melting. It just makes for easier dipping.

Dip marshmallows in chocolate then immediately roll in graham cracker. Place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and allow to harden in fridge.

This would be a great recipe to do with the Chocolate Lapbook!


Disclaimer: These are incredibly addictive! I can not be held responsible for any weight gained as a result of using this recipe. Eat at your own risk!


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nom nom nommy!

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We made these today, and man they were good

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