Friday, October 22, 2010

The Other Side

When you blog it is easy to get sucked into only writing about all of the wonderful things that happen. While I don't think it is appropriate to drag my readers through every struggle I may be having at that moment, I do want you to see that I am real and that sometimes, I struggle. I struggle to keep a clean house, the get the girls schooled, to make sure the kids aren't fighting, to care if the kids are fighting, to make sure my 2 year old isn't sat in front of Noggin' all day long, to make sure dinner is fixed, and the list goes on. Most of the time I absolutely love being with my kids. Most of the time it is my joy to clean house and cook meals. Most of the time I am ok with the never ending task of going from room to room never seeming to catch up with the mess. Most of the time I can deal with spending an hour cooking a meal only to be thanked with groans and complaints. But sometimes, I have had enough. Today was one of those days.

Today, I sat in bed until my kids forced me out with their hunger cries. Today, they ate frozen waffles and poured their own drinks. For all I know they probably drank Gatorade for breakfast. Today, I sat on the couch and even though I did work on a bit of our curriculum for next year, for the most part I played on facebook. Today, when my son refused to each lunch, he went straight down for a nap. Today, we went out for dinner. I sat next to a squirmy 2 year old who managed to completely push me off the bench. I got Mac and Cheese slung on me and by the time I finally got up and switched sides with DH my food was cold and I was grouchy. Now, I am laying in bed completely beat from my day of nothing and I am about to yell at my girls for taking too long getting ready for bed.
Tonight is going to be a long night of confessions.

Did I mention I started breaking my Dr. Pepper habit today?


Joanna Whitton said...

Hi Anna, long time no see!! Love your blog - especially this post - been there too (quite often)! We homeschool too, and usually love it ;) Mum passed on your note, it was good to hear from you!
Blessings, Jo.
PS. I have a blog too, as you can see :)

Anna said...

So great to hear from you!!! I hate that I have lost touch with everyone. That's how it seems to go though right?! Glad to hear from you though and I looked at your blog and it looks great! Already started picking me out some recipes to do with the girls. I'm not a great cook, well actually I just have an unusually picky hubby (I always tease him and tell him he is lucky he has that cute British accent), but I do love to do it!

I need to see some pictures of your babes! I am not even sure how many you have?!

Might have to talk you into guest blogging about homeschooling in Australia!