Friday, October 15, 2010

Rainy Day Art

This past Monday it rained. I love everything about the rain, except the restless children it produces. 5 kids cooped up in a house is a recipe for disaster so we had to get creative to take up some time I asked around on facebook for rainy day ideas. We chose to do a Rainy Day Art project (shout out Ashlea!). This is one that the whole family can do!
PS This example really could have stayed out a bit longer. The more the rain drips on it the more "art" is produced, but be careful not to leave it out too long or it will just be a soppy mess!


White Cardstock
Washable Markers
Rain or a Bowl of Water


Color on the cardstock with washable markers. It is best to fill it in as much as possible. Any color works.

Set cardstock out in the rain just long enough for it to start causing the colors to run. If it isn't raining you can have your child dip his hand into a bowl of water and splash the paper.

Leave paper somewhere to dry.

Hope you have fun making your Rainy Day Art!

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