Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Japan in a Suitcase

When I was working at the co-op, I managed to get on numerous mailing lists. Most junk, but every now and then I get a gem. This one was the ArtReach catalog for the Dallas area. Through them I was able to book a class called Japan in a Suitcase. The class was taught by a native Japanese Lady and was so much fun! I was very excited to host it and was even more excited to meet so many of my followers in the Forney area! Here are a few photo from our two classes, School Life and Daily Life.

PS I'm fighting the urge to make a snarky comment about my children not getting any socialization with those of different cultures.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Learning Japanese Table Manners

Finding Japan on the Map

Learning to write Japanese Calligraphy

Keira writing in Japanese Calligraphy. She's a natural!


How Japanese Children Get Ready for School
(I will flip the photo soon!)

In a Japanese school there is no lunch lady. The kids take turns serving each other!

Learning which is bigger Japan or Texas.

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