Friday, May 17, 2013

The Waterproof Bible: A Mosaics Review

When I got home from Australia I carried the Bible that I took with me. It held sentimental value and beyond just being the Bible, I loved this particular Bible. And then I dropped it, in the rain, in a puddle. The pages stuck together, my notes and underlining smeared and the Bible was ruined.
This was several years ago, but now I have children and we have lost at least 2 Bibles to being dropped or accidentally stepped on.

Both of these situations have now been virtually eliminated!

Basic Information:

Product: The Waterproof Bible

Price: $25-$45

Bibles are available in various colors and translations as well as in a full version or New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs version.

The Waterproof Bible is made out of synthetic materials that make it 100% waterproof and virtually impossible to tear. As awkward as it was, we put this Bible to the test and left it in the rain, soaking in a puddle, in the bathroom where it is constantly humid as well as subjecting it to various real life scenarios in our house. While it sometimes took a day or two to dry, it always dried and was always in great condition afterwards! I simply could not "ruin" this Bible! We were also given some bookmarks made of the same materials as the Bible and though it did lose some shape after I spent some time twisting and trying to rip it, I could not get even the smallest rip.

The practical use of this Bible is undeniable. Whether it is going on a camping trip, being sent to the mission field in the rainforest or a gift overseas to your relative in the services, this Bible will hold up. Even kids can't beat this Bible up!

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Rachel E. said...

Crazy. So, did it feel a bit awkward sitting there trying to destroy a Bible? Who thinks up these things?

LOL. Well, it's good to know there is a Bible capable of withstanding this sort of weather. It would be great for the troops in the field.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. So, is it a full Bible? All 66 books? Is it extra big or heavy?