Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Etiquette Factory: A Mosaics Review

Elbows off the table! Look people in the eye when you speak to them! Say hello when you answer the phone please!

If your kids are anything like mine then you have probably heard yourself say these and many other phrases asking your kids to display some manners. I had been on the look out for a locally hosted etiquette class so I really was very excited when this product came up for review!

The Etiquette Factory is a 3 phase etiquette course appropriate for pre-school all the way through high school. I was given a copy of the three phase kit available for $99.95.

This set include:
  • Etiquette for Beginners Teachers Manual
  • Etiquette for Beginners DVD set
  • Etiquette Jukebox CD
  • Etiquette Intermediate
  • Etiquette Masters
  • 4 Etiquette “Set Right” Placemats
You can also purchase the phases individually or any of the optional extras by visiting here. Optional extras include posters, accountability charts, Kid's Budget, and even a manners game!

Since my kids were young I decided to go ahead and start with phase one. When I first watched the DVD I was sure my kids were going to think it was a little too young for them. I was wrong! They loved watching the story and listening to the songs. We are moving through it a bit faster than suggested, but if I had just pre-schoolers the pace would have been just right.

We are still working our way through the first book so I will focus my review there. The teacher's manual is very well laid out. At the beginning you get a very nice review of how the program is meant to be paced, what day to view DVD's, learn the jingles and so on. Each week has plenty of review and the stories and songs are fun and engaging for the littles. The manual also gives you fun activities to reinforce what you have been learnning. Some of these are more geared towards a classroom but can be adjusted to homeschooling. There are even colored photos in the back to give you examples of the activities. One of my favorite supplemental items is the Set Right Placemat, a fun and colorful way to teach your children how to properly set a table.

Book 1 covers:

What is Etiquette?
Saying Hello
Magic Words
Cleaning Up
Table Manners
Good Hygiene
The "No" Word
Sincere Apologies
Being a Guest
A Clean Mouth is a Cherished Gift

The book is secular/non-religious so can be easily adapted if you want to add in Bible verses to go with the skill being learned.

This program is great. The price point is fantastic when you consider that $100 would cover you all the way from starting school to finishing and there is are few gifts you could give your child worth more than manners.

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