Friday, April 1, 2011

10 Day Real Food Challenge Pre-Challenge Shopping Trip

I headed out to Whole Foods today to stock up for our 10 Day Real Food Challenge. Can I be honest and say that I had a bit of wallet shock? I spent about $75 just on meat. Our regular budget is right around $130 so I can already tell you that is blown. So here is what I have done so far. The most expensive item was the whole organic chicken which was $12.xx! I can admit though that organic grass fed beef has this beautiful natural color and marbling that can not be matched.

Whole Foods-$81
Raw Milk-$23

I already know I need to get more produce so I will be adding to this. Sigh.

I so wanted to go to Brookshires and find tons of lovely organics. I was so sad when I did not. They have a sign prominently displayed but you have to pay attention because only 4-5 items are actually organic. I might see about hitting the farmers market in the next few days, but it's not exactly local so might have to just bite it and make do with a combination of Brookshires and Walmart organics.

I am going to spend this evening making cereal (thanks to The Healthy Home Ecconomist)and some healthy orange creamsicles with pastured raw eggs and raw cream from pastured grass fed dairy cows.

My biggest concern is going to be my husband lunches. I got a full grain bread for him and will probably go ahead and get his regular lunch meat. It isn't organic but it is 100% natural and he eats it so chosing not to fight that battle. I am going to hide the Country Crock (YUCK!) and he is going to have to use the ghee as his butter spread, I swapped the Lays chips for Annie's organic pretzels, Yoplait for StonyField Farms, and I bought some raw organic peanuts for a bit of extra protien in his snacks. He will also take some organic fruit salad which I will cut up and put into bowls for him. I think I am going to have to make sure I cook a pleasing dinner so that he will deal with the changes to his lunch.

To keep myself going I am going to post our progress daily along with the menu plans for each day.

Pray fervently for me as I am going to be going through a soda withdrawl for at least a few days. I am looking forward to being rid of it, because it has had some obvious effects on my health (think sugar crashes, caffine headaches, stomach aches).

I'm letting the kids indulge a bit today. They have no idea that I am hoping the 10 days to turn into a lifetime of changes.

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