Wednesday, April 6, 2011

11 Day Real Food Challenge Days 4&5 and the Thermomix TM31

It really was the most unfortunate week to try this. I started feeling sick on Monday and besides not being hungry, I have had little energy to cook. I will say that what I have cooked has been great though. Wild Caught Salmon with an organic salad was on the menu for lunch.

So I have been eyeing this fancy looking kitchen gadget, the Thermomix TM31. It claims to do everything but wash the dishes after you eat (though it does claim to wash itself!). Chopping, grinding, milling, pureeing, mixing, kneading, and several other functions are performed in a fraction of the time it would normally take. The catch? This thing is expensive. Not just a little expensive, alot expensive. Think right around the $1500 mark. The counter to this would be that it potentially replaces some other appliances and since a good Kitchen Aid can cost $300-$400 depending on the model, that plus a juicer, blender, and so on, you could possibly be coming out on top. The other catch? The new model is not sold in the US, but it can be imported from Canada. There are also several cookbooks that have recipes specifically created for the Thermomix, and of course blogs such as my friend's over at Quirky Cooking.

I showed Karl the demo thinking he was going to tell me I was out of my mind after he heard the price, but surprisingly he wasn't too critical of it. Obviously, it is still alot of money and I have alot of thinking to do before I invest in it, but I am open to the idea and if it delivers all it promises, it certainly sounds like a dream come true.

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Jo @ Quirky Cooking said...

It IS a dream come true!! :D I love mine - I use it every day, up to 10 or 12 times a day sometimes! I've had mine for 6 1/2 years, and wouldn't be without it! If you live in the southern states you can buy the Thermomix from Mexico:; or in the northern states from Canada:
Or if you're in Australia, you can contact me :)