Saturday, April 2, 2011

Real Food Challenge Day 1

Do you want me to be honest? Sure you do. I am already struggling. I knew that cutting out the Dr. Pepper was going to be rough for me. I readily admit I am thoroughly addicted to it. I had the worst headache ALL DAY LONG.

I had planned on starting Sunday, but without thinking decided last night to start today. What I forgot was that I was planning to head to Canton, Tx for the 1st Monday Trades Day event they hold and it is like going to the fair; fried fake foods everywhere! What do you know, not being used to carrying water with me, I did not bring any. I did find some fresh squeezed lemonade, which I am sure did not entirely fit the diet, but was better than soda, and of course over priced water bottles were everywhere. Food was an entirely different issue. There was literally nothing so I got Texas Twisters, haha.

My husband did so well at home though! Despite complaining about losing his favorite foods for a few days, he cooked the girls eggs, and made himself some bacon and toast with the bread I bought from Whole Foods (local bakery bread!). He did find a box of Mac and Cheese for lunch though. Now that's gone and no longer a temptation though, so moving on.

When I got home we headed out to a friends house for a house warming party. We don't expect everyone to cater to our diet change, so what was provided was a yummy array of things that we weren't supposed to be eating. We still ate.

Dinner was great. I oven roasted our local organic whole chicken and we had organic corn and raw carrots. The cakes I cooked with the intention of dehydrating into cereal became desert. Not entirely sure how that happened. They will also take the place of our regular Sunday trip to the donut place for breakfast.

I learned alot of lessons today and I still consider it a moderate success. The biggest being that while I prepared hard for eating at home, I did nothing for those times when we would be out. I have now ordered through Amazon a few Organic Snacks. I realize it isn't the perfect solution but it is better than pigging out on food that is 100% refined.

Because today did not quite go as planned, we are now doing an 11 day food challenge.

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Twinkle Mom @ Sunflower Faith said...

Looking forward to following the challenging and it's a huge change when it comes to changing what one eats as a family. Lol.

Can you eat dried fruit? If so, those make great take along snacks?