Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Day Real Food Challenge

We have been slowly but surely making the change from processed foods over to what is known as REAL food. When I stumbled across 100 Days of Real Food, I was impressed with her commitment to change and decided that my family would do a similar challenge, only much shorter. Since we go into "shock" every time I make a diet change we will be doing a mini-challenge of just 10 days. Starting Sunday (as that is my grocery day), we will be elliminating the following for 10 days:

1. Refined Grains-Bye bye soft and fluffy white bread. Hello dense whole wheat. Maybe I will use this week to go grain free as well ugh.
2. Refined Sugars-I was already pushing these out the door but both my husband and I still have a minor soda addiction. Not sure this is going to go over well with him.
3. Pre-packaged Foods-Again another thing that we haven't really been eating, except for at breakfast. Guess I will be getting up earlier next week! Might even surprise hubby by getting up and making him a proper breakfast at the crack of dawn.
4. Fast Foods- Since they undoubtedly fall under at least one of the above, any and all fast food will be a no. Another one that shouldn't be too hard though as we don't eat out that often.

Those are the rules! In 100 Days of Real Food's rules, they also eliminated deep fried foods. We are not big eaters of deep fried, but I believe that animal fats are healthy for you so as long as the item being fried is done in an animal fat I am ok with it.

I am hoping that the 10 days will turn into a 20 day and then into 30 days which leads to a lifetime of changes, but I am willing to take baby steps!

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