Sunday, April 3, 2011

11 Day Real Food Challenge Day 2

It doesn't seem to be getting easier. Another $80 put down at Walmart, and good luck finding ANYTHING that meets the diet requirements there. I also did my once a month orders on Amazon. I ended up having to just go for the least of the evils. I truly don't know how anyone on a budget can afford to eat like this all the time. Thankfully, we got our tax return this week so it isn't hurting too bad. Next shopping trip though I am going to have to work out how to stay under $150, which is still high for us.

We are just about sure we are going to raise our own beef this spring and summer. The grass fed organic stuff is just out of our reach budget wise. If we don't raise it ourselves we will definitely be investing in a share.

I had a Dr Pepper. I am completely ashamed. Actually, I was having a minor altercation with my DH and let's just say Dr. Pepper is my stress reliever. Only one in the past two days though is actually quite good for me, so I am still going to say I have been at least partially successful.

DH is struggling, but he is at least trying. I figure any change is better than no change.

Breakfast was the coffee cake that I was planning to make into cereal and fruit.
Lunch was an organic garden salad with left over chicken from last nights dinner on a "lesser of two evils" whole wheat wrap.
Dinner was grass fed London broil with shallots and celery.
Snacks have been LOTS of fruit and veggies. In this area we are doing quite well.

I started another batch of dough for the cereal. Maybe this will actually make it to cereal stage. The kids love the cakes so the cereal ought to be a hit.

So, I have to say at this point, eating completely REAL food sounds a bit like a pipe dream. Finances combined with a sheer lack of availability is hindering us. We are still going to keep trucking with the changes that have been made though and hopefully it will lead to some long term changes. Even if we can't afford the perfect diet.

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