Monday, March 7, 2011

Alpha Omega The Weaver Curriculum Review

My good friend over at Hearts4Home did an excellent review of Weaver Volume 1. Since we are considering giving it a try, I thought I would share her very comprehensive review:

It just isn't possible to sum up The Weaver in a paragraph. So I suggest that
you grab a cup of tea or some chocolate and put your feet up for a few minutes
while I tell you our experience thus far! We've not been using it that long, but
I have to share what a blessing it has been for our family!

When I first
started homeschooling my preschooler in 2004, I was drawn to the idea of a Unit
Study approach. I loved the idea that I could teach both kids on the same topic
but at their own level. I looked over some types of Unit Studies and just didn't
feel like God was opening the door for me to use any of them. Either it was
clearly not for our family, or it was so overwhelming to me that I couldn't
picture how to make it work. I tried various styles of learning, and all of them
were wonderful in their own way. But something still seemed to be missing and my
longing for unit studies didn't go away.

Unit studies have a base that
all other subjects are centered around. For example, many are history based. As
the student learns a new part of history, all the other school subjects deal
with the same topic. Some are based on science. But still, none of them stood

Now, if you have read my article My Foundation for Homeschooling
you will understand where I was coming from. I didn't want to just have 'Bible
time' as part of our day. I wanted every part of our education to point our eyes
to our Creator. And, it is sad to say, sometimes Bible time would get left out
of our day because we ran out of time.

No matter how good my boys are
(and I do think they are pretty good kids), they had many days where apathy was
the attitude toward their school work. I know that we had the curriculum we had
because I prayed and felt so certain in what I bought. And I still feel certain,
I believe God had us where He wanted us, using what we were supposed to use.

In the late fall of 2010, I once again found myself asking the Lord if
there was something else I had missed. I truly don't recall where The Weaver
first popped up. But it was online somewhere. One reference lead to another. I
was getting very curious and excited!

I wasn't looking to change things
THIS year. I was thinking ahead to next year. But along came a sweet woman who
happened to have an extra set of Weaver volume 1. I didn't expect to see it come
so soon, but the mail moved FAST and it was at my home in a matter of a few
days. I tore open the box and started to devour the information inside! It was
as if this was written just for us!

What is it that makes me love it so?
First, this curriculum is based in Scripture. So let's say that today we read
about the Tower of Babylon. We'll then start learning about architecture. Then
we'll build some sugar cube buildings. You can see how that little project
turned out on my article New
Year Goals. With that in mind, you will never run out of time for Bible, because
it all STARTS in the Bible! You can't do any other school work without opening
in the Word

To read the rest visit HERE....


ourhearts4home said...

Anna, thanks so much for posting! I love this curriculum so much and am happy to see people spreading the word! If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to post!! :)
AKA Hearts4Home

Treasures from a Shoebox said...

We wanted to try this curriculum too, and I was thankful to find it used at a book fair (though I did buy the 7-12 supplement new). I have this for sale if you are interested. I have 4 manuals: Volume 1 Curriculum; Volume 1 Day-by-Day; Volume 1 7-12 supplement (new); Wisdom Words. If you are interested send me an e-mail:

Samantha said...

I wasn't able to view hearts4home. It said I need a invite to read blog. I'm confused

melhilton said...

Yep...said I needed an invite also.

jen said...

Hi Anna,
I am really interested in reading the rest of this post. I am schooling my children at home for the first year and although happy over all I am looking for more Bible base emphasis next year ~ Not Bible as just a subject. Could I please get an invite?

Anne Bennett said...

I too would love to read the rest of this review, as I am considering using the Weaver curriculum for homeschooling my 3 children for the first time; alas, I cannot access the blog as it says I need an invite! Could you please send me one?

Thank you and God Bless!!

Casie said...

I wasn't able to view hearts 4 home either. I am really interested in reading this review! It seems difficult to get a complete picture of this curriculum from the publisher. I am looking for real information from real homeschoolers! Can I please get an invite as well?

Anna said...

Here is the full review. I will take this one down in a few days!