Friday, July 23, 2010

Texas Catfish Fry

In Texas everything is done big, and our family catfish fries are no exception! In my opinion there is no atmosphere like the one at a fish fry. Typically, the fish is cooked over a stove, and we grab and go as the fillets are taken out of the pan. No plates, no cutlery; just your fingers and a napkin. Oh and if you want some catchup with your fries, just dip in the big pile that someone squirted directly on the pan!

Of course, this means there is a big mess and a lot of grease spattered all over the kitchen - not a fun after dinner treat to clean up. Now, we've gone "Texas sized" and everyone gets to eat at the same time. And the greasy mess is confined to the great outdoors. This is thanks to the latest addition to our cooking equipment, a large three basket fryer.

In a matter of about 10 minutes, fish, fries, okra, and everything else we choose to stuff ourselves with is all brought to the table, Grace is said, and it's a free-for-all at the serving platter.

Now, I happen to think that the big daddy frier takes away from the casual atmosphere somewhat, but still nothing beats a summer Texas catfish fry!

To cook your catfish southern style:

Store your cleaned and filleted catfish in a bowl of ice water while you prepare the batter

Batter: 2 cups corn meal, 1 TSP flour, salt and pepper as preferred
Batter fish on both sides and drop into 350 F oil.
If you deep fry take fish out approximately 30 seconds after it begins to float.
If browning in a shallow pan cook fish approximately 2 minutes on each side.
Fish will flake easily when done.

Gas flame preferred!

Thanks to my guest blogger Regina(momma!) for helping me out with this blog post!


Rachel said...

Sounds fabulous!!

We don't have fryers like that here in Minnesota!!

Blessings to you.

gidget.e said...

We didn't do catfish but we had bass or crappie. My dad and his best friend (also our pastor) fished all year long for a HUGE fish fry in the summer for our entire church. They did the fish and everyone else brought sides. We had a big ole party at one of the deacon's homes who had a swimming pool.

Thanks for bringing back a great memory!!

Anna said...


We do throw in the crappie and sand bass that is caught but catfish is definitely what it's all about! We have been talking about doing a fish fry at my parents church. Sounds like so much fun!