Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Learning with Chocolate

I was so excited when I found this CHOCOLATE LAPBOOK! I'm always looking for ways to keep my homeschool co-op group engaged and this was a great way to cover a broad group of ages!

The Chocolate Lapbook lays everything out for you to do a complete lapbook and has some recipes in it to make the lessons more interesting, but I supplimented it with more recipes and a field trip to Mary Puddin Hill in Greenville, Texas.

We work in 6 week blocks, two days a week, so to make the Chocolate Lapbook fit into that time frame here is my lesson plan and the extra recipes we will be doing. I will also try to do up a supply list.

Week 1:

Day 1:

Read Pg 10-12

Start vocab activity 1 (this is worked on a little each day)

Activity 2

Day 2:

Read P. 13-16

Look at a cocoa pod and beans

Recipe: chocolate covered marshmallow animals

Work on vocab

Finish activity 2

Week 2:

Day 1:

Read p 16-17 Kinds of chocolate

Blind taste test different types of chocolate

Activity 3

Day 2:

Read p 18-20

Activities 4&5

Recipe: hot cocoa

Week 3:

Day 1:

Activities 6&7

Day 2:

Activities 8&10 (older children may want to do 9)

Recipe: fudge

Week 4:

Day 1:

Activities 11&12

Day 2:

Activity 13

Recipe: chocolate cake

Week 5:

Day 1:

Activities 14&15

Recipe: chocolate chip cookies

Day 2:

Activities 17&18

Recipe: chocolate covered oranges

Week 6:

Day 1: Field Trip to Mary Puddin Hill

Day 2: Finish up Chocolate Lapbook

Recipe: I will bring my chocolat fountain and provide various snacks to dip into the chocolate

If you have done this Chocolate Lapbook or are going to and have made different lesson plans I would love to see them!

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