Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lapbooking 101 Basic Information

This is a video of our very first lapbook that we completed. I will do some more videos of more recent ones so you can see the variety available, later this week. I am so sorry for that thick accent. I had no idea how Texan I sounded until I listened to that video! Luckily, my husband thinks it's endearing! The template for this lapbook can be found HERE.

Lapbooking is essentially a unit study that is cut out and and glued into a file folder(s). Lapbooks can be very specific such as these math lapbooks or can be themed, but broad in what subjects they cover, such as this Madeline Lapbook, which covers everything from some basic science to reading comprehension. There is a lapbook for virtually everything and best of all lapbooks offer a hands on learning approach that is a lot of fun . Lapbooks offer something for every age range and learning ability and come in a wide variety of price ranges as well from free up!

This video is a short tutorial on how to create the lapbook. Lapbooks usually come with a layout suggestion, but you can do your lapbook anyway you like.

Here is a list of lapbook resources:


Hands of a Child

Lapbook Lessons

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