Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remembering What's Important

It is a mistake, but I do it constantly. I look up threads on homeschool forums where parents are posting what they are doing for their child's school year. Parents, what am I saying? These aren't just parents. These are mutant, ninja, super parents. Parents that fit 4 math curriculums, Latin, 2 musical instruments, a formal art program, 2 hours worth of read alouds, creative writing classes, soccer, gymnastics, super fun crafts 3 times a week, play dates and all this on top of the "normal curriculum".

As homeschooling parents we tend to want to compete. Not just with the public school system but also with each other. We teeter on the edge of insecurity so we overcompensate by adding in so many supplements that we end up overloading our children and ourselves. More, more, more. Mustn't leave any "gaps". How will my child get into college if we don't do this and that. In the rush of trying to get it all in we forget why we started homeschooling to begin with. It is moments like these when I am grateful for friends who bring me back down to Earth. They remind me that while academics are important and extra curriculars are great, they are not the primary reason that we homeschool. Today, I remember that I do not need to be super mom.

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I'm Erin. said...

and thanks for popping onto my blog today :)

Rachel E. said...

I agree! I tend to do the same. I see how other people handle their school days and think "Wow! I am doing this all wrong." or "I wish I could do that." Instead of being thankful that I have what I have. I do know that I need to make changes in my days and curriculum. But, this has nothing really to do with others, but more to do with my burn out and the overwhelming sense that I need something else or I'll lose my kids for sure! :-)