Saturday, March 24, 2012

Operation Wipe Down!

I have to clean house today!  I am ashamed to say that it is a DISASTER.  If I were to invite Merry Maids over, I would have to kick the stuff out of the way of the front door in order to open it.  If I were to have a police officer knock on the door, he would draw his gun upon entry, because I am sure he would think the place had been destroyed during a robbery.   If I were to have a medical emergency, there wouldn't be a place to put the stretcher!  I am so ashamed!

So, this morning we are cleaning house.  I am going to fix the mess and then swear to never let this happen again.
I am going to attempt to post my progress on our Facebook page!  Hop over there to join me, see pics of my progress, and maybe even post your own goals for the day!

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