Monday, November 14, 2011

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips - Are They Yummy?

Having a kid on a special diet is so hard.  Yes, I did just whine a little. I love food. My kids love food. We particularly love chocolate.  A lot.  A. Whole. Lot.  Especially when it is baked in to that decadent form of gooey goodness we call chocolate chip cookies.  Oh yeah.... To my dismay, all the mainstream chocolate chips have dairy and soy lecithin added. Boo.  Soy lecithin is on the "no no" list for my son and we are limiting dairy.  What when chocolate chip manufacturers thinking when they added an ingredient like soy lecithin to unsuspecting chocolate?  Because the only thing I really know about soy lecithin is that it is an emulsifier and I don't understand the manufacturing process of chocolate chips - I can't answer why they put it in there! LOL....  But, I kept searching the good search and finally found what I was looking for!

Why, YES! You did hear angels singing!
 Mini chocolate chips made by Enjoy Life.  They are free. Well, not free dollar wise, but free of a lot of different allergens and stuff.  They are gluten, dairy, peanut, tree nut, soy, egg and casein free.  You would think that a chocolate chip without that stuff would not be a choco-piece-o-heaven, but a choco-piece-o-well.... you know..... not good.  I have to say, I was a bit skeptical (what if they did not melt and I had dry toasty unchocolately goodness?) and the chocolate chips were not cheap by any means, but I bit the bullet and brought home. 

They were AWESOME!  They melted and everything!  They tasted marvelous!  My kids, my husband, and my refined tastesbuds could not tell they were lacking any of those allergens......  That is good!  I can not wait to try these on other things, like in my trail mix recipe!  Woot!

Ok, so here are the details if you want to snag you a bag.  You can buy Enjoy Life chocolate chips in mini chips or chunks. They are available online at The Gluten Free Mall or at your local grocery store for around $5 a bag.  Enjoy Life also has many other products I am excited to try out, like their boom Choco boom chocolate bars. If you click on that link there is currently a coupon for 75 cents off two!  It is worth your time to run over to their website at, and check out their other products.  You may find it makes feeding those on those "free" diets much easier.

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I use these all the time. Everyone prefers these over the "regular" chocolate chips. They are so yummy. :) They are about $4.00 a bag here in PA.

Jessica said...

I can't adequately express how surprised I was at how good these were! I was thrilled to see that they could be bought in bulk. Everyone *needs* a 5 pound bag of chocolate chips, or at least, I do.

boysmom said...

We've used several Enjoy Life products, but this is one I haven't found locally yet. Good to know they'e worth looking for! Thanks!!

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