Monday, June 13, 2011

The Mom I'm Bored Jar

If there are any two words that I dislike hearing they are "I'm Bored". Despite the overwhelming number of toys that my children have, the big back yard complete with trampoline and playground, the numerous art supplies and their siblings, my children never seem to have anything to do.

This could be the most amazing idea I have ever seen. The I'm Bored Jar. There are so many variations of things you can do with this that it makes it the perfect customizable summer idea! I sat the girls down and we came up with a list of about 50 different "I'm bored activities". I will have them pull a card and do each activity for 30 minutes. Once the card is drawn I will move it out of the box until all of the other cards are drawn.

Here is our list of I'm Bored Activities. Feel free to use it :)

Make a Puppet
Have a Puppet Show
Blow Bubbles
Write a Book
Write a Letter
Read a Book
Play Outside
Play Stuffed Animals
Dress Up
Finger Paint
Draw a Picture
Play Store
Chore (x's 5)
Snack Time
Go to Neighborhood Park
Paint Toenails
Computer Time
Play Doh
Tea Party
Simon Says
Play Animals
Science Experiments
Window Markers
Scavenger HuntSoccer
Mud Pies
Bake with Mama
Music Band
Tinker Toys
LegosPattern Blocks
Write in Journal
Collect Bugs
Build a Pillow Fort
Make a Bracelet
Ride Bike
Sidewalk Chalk
Water Guns
Make a Movie
Board Game
American Girl Dolls
Water Slide
Nature Walk
Hide and Seek
Leap Frog
Follow the Leader
Take a Bubble Bath
Work a Puzzle
Dot to Dot
Word Search

You will notice some of these are outside but I thought that limiting them to 30 minutes at a time would help with avoiding sunburns and heat exhaustion. You will also notice that I have snuck in 5 chore cards, hehe. We will probably add to these as we think of other fun activities. If you have any ideas for us please feel free to let me know!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea. Give so many possibilities to beat the Texas heat and still have some fun! Me and my kiddos are going to make one this weekend.

LitLass said...

I meant to do this last summer. Thanks for reminding me!

Kelly @ said...

I am making a bored jar right now! Thank you for sharing your list of ideas :)