Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm Bored Box: Scavenger Hunt

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It is 100F today. Needless to say we are stuck indoors most of the day due to high UV ratings. That is pretty much the norm for Texas summers and this year, it seems for spring too. With our outdoor time limited to early morning and evening time, that gives us a lot of time cooped up in the house. That, as you are probably aware, can lead to some cranky kids. So today, to break up the monotony of the day I made this I'm Bored Box. One of our activities is a Scavenger Hunt. The girls LOVED this activity and it kept us occupied for about 45 minutes as they read and solved each clue!

Here are the clues I made. They may not work in your house but there are sites like this one (thanks Monica!) that have more clues and even some picture clues for younger ones.

My legs are made of wood and top is of the same, your second clue is here if you want to finish this game. (Table, Chairs or Desk)

Sometimes when I am sleepy I go lay down my head. Your next clue can be found under a ___________on the bed. (Pillow)

To find your next clue add the numbers and walk up that many stairs.
4+3= (7)

You will have a SWINGing good time finding the next clue! (Swing)

That took you long enough, but this time I will let it SLIDE. (Slide)

You are doing really well and you have almost reached the end. To find the final clue look where we put the mail that we want to send. (Mail Box)

Yay You have done it, just one more clue to solve! Use these letters to find out what your surprise is!


__ __ __ __ __ __ __

Change it around to fit your home or re-do it completely with your own clues. Teach reading, math, logic, reasoning, critical thinking, sequencing, and team work all in one fun simple activity!

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