Friday, June 3, 2011

Lego Lesson Plans

My kids have buckets of them and we can never seem to have enough, I vaccuum them up by the dozens and my son likes to collect the little yellow heads and leave them in piles on the floor. What am I talking about? Lego of course! Legos are a wonderfully diverse manipulative that kids think are toys(wink wink). Besides the hours of fun provided by these simple plastic bricks, there are also hours of learning to be had! Here are some fun Lego lesson plans and educational activities I found.

Build a windmill and learn all about windmill architecture and renewable energy.

Center of mass-This activity explores the concept of 'center of mass.' It gives students a hands-on, discovery-based way to understand one of the most fundamental concepts in physics.

Use Legos to study geography.

Build a Lego boat and study bouyancy with this fun activity.

This can you build it? Lego lesson plan teaches cooperation and problem solving as one student describes the pieces needed to build an object as the other builds it.

Lego Math

Finally, my favorite Lego find so far is this Lego Lapbook!

For more ideas for Lego lesson plans visit Lego Eduction.


Jenny said...

Anna, thanks so much for this post. My boys LOVE Legos. I just spent the last 30 minutes on the Lego Education site. So many great ideas for the boys. Thanks again!

Gabe said...

Oh fun! My boys (and daughter) will love this stuff! Thanks for posting the links!

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