Friday, December 17, 2010

Science Project Christmas Gift Ideas

This is the end of the school year for us since we go Jan-Dec so during this time I am busy browsing the Christmas deals for fun school projects we can do. Here are a few of the great deals I found:

Alternative Energy and Environmental Science Original

From the Manufacturer
Power House: Sustainable Living in the 21st Century. Power House provides an engaging and thorough introduction to renewable energy sources and sustainable living, while teaching basic concepts in physical science. Through building a model house and 20 other energy related devices, you will learn about energy from the sun, wind, plants, and electrochemical reactions. you will find out how to transform, store, and use these forms of energy. This kit creatively integrates physical science lessons with the story of a group of young adults learning to live sustainably on a remote island. To survive, they must learn how to harness the power of the sun and the wind, and other natural resources. As you read their story, you work on the same projects along side them. Construct and experiment with a greenhouse. Collect the sun's rays to heat water. Make a solar cooker to heat food while learning about the principles of light. Desalinate water, plant cress, and make dried fruit. Learn how heat of evaporation provides cooling, conduct experiments about air humidity, and build a hygrometer, air conditioner, and refrigerator. Press sunflower seeds to extract oil and assemble an oil lamp. Generate electric current from sunlight, magnetic fields, and metals in acid. Galvanize a nail and split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Build a current indicator, electric and solar motors, a transfer switch, and a crane. Lift pencils with the sun and learn about levers. Build an electric car and a sail car, and learn how wings and sails transform energy. The full-color, 96-page manual guides your experiments.

Thames and Kosmos Physics Solar Workshop

From the Manufacturer
Physics Solar Workshop: Solar Power Technology in Action. In one way or another, almost every form of energy we use originates as energy from the sun. Solar energy directly powers photovoltaic cells and thermal collectors. Indirectly, we get power from plants grown by the sun, oceans heated by the sun, and Earth's weather systems sustained by the sun. Even the energy stored in fossil fuels originated as energy from the sun, captured by plants and animals millions of years ago. Physics Solar Workshop explores the topic of solar energy, focusing on photovoltaic cells. By building 12 models and conducting 30 experiments, you will learn how solar cells transform light into electrical energy, and how motors and mechanical devices can optimize the work done by this energy. You will build different types of vehicles and machines to demonstrate how gears can convert and transform power for different needs. There are 320 parts, which are also compatible with the other kits in our Physics line. The 64-page book offers illustrated instructions for the projects. Developed with Greenpeace in Germany.

Thames and Kosmos Little Labs Intro To Engineering

From the Manufacturer
Intro to Engineering: The twelfth kit in the Little Labs line, Intro to engineering welcomes young children to the field of engineering with 25 experiments and building projects in five sections. By engaging in hands-on activities, children will learn how engineers apply their scientific and technical knowledge to design machines and devices. Start by learning some engineering basics with experiments on levers, forces, and pulleys. Build simple devices using these basic components. Move on to explore engineering on land by building vehicles with wheels, such as a race car and a wind-up car. Next, investigate engineering with air (and in the air) by building a helicopter, a pinwheel, a parachute, a glider, a balloon rocket, and an air=powered carousel. Then, build a diving bell, a sailboat, and a paddle boat to experiment with engineering in water. Finally, find engineering in your own home with experiments modeling the telephone and television. With a 48-page guidebook, Intro to Engineering teaches engineering fundamentals with step-by-step, hands-on experiments and building projects.

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