Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our 1st and 2nd Grade Curriculum Choices

This year is different for us. We are moving out of the more "unschoolish" type schooling and moving more towards structured school (though it is still a far cry from "school at home"). Both of my children enjoy worksheets and sit down school time so this works well for us now that they are reaching a maturity level that allows for it. Since we are doing more this year I have taken the time to carefully plan things out, with the understanding that life happens and we may get bumped off course a bit. In a perfect world, however, this is how our week would look:

Monday and Wednesday:

Math U See Beta for Brianna

I decided Brianna could benefit from more review over certain blends so she is going to do 1st grade as well. I have her moving through it quite a bit faster than her sister though so that we can get through what she already has a good grasp on and as soon as I feel she is ready we will move on to 2nd grade. I think she will be ready come May.

Cursive practice with made up sheets

Tues and Thurs are the same as Monday and Wednesday except we add:


Same as Monday and Wednesday except we do Science and don't do the Community Helpers.

I am really liking the way this looks. It spreads everything out that we don't have to do every day and the other things have just enough that we won't go nuts trying to get it all done. Total I anticipate it taking us between 2-2.5 hours to finish school each day. Of course this remains to be seen!

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