Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Craft: Broken Shaved Crayon Tree

I love it when I find fun ways to use up things that I would normally throw away! I found this Broken Shaved Crayon Fall Tree and knew we had to try it!



Paper Bag or something else to protect surface (it will bleed!)

Broken Crayons

Wax Paper

Trunk Cut Out


Heat iron. Crayons melt pretty easily so no need to have it on full, but you want it pretty hot.

Shave the crayons either by using a pencil sharpener or a peeling tool. Use fall colors such as oranges, reds, browns, and yellows. I separated our colors onto different plates so that we could layer the brighter colors on top of the darker ones. Otherwise you would just get a big brown tree.

Lay out whatever you are using to protect your surface and lay a sheet of wax paper down on top of that. Place your tree trunk on the wax paper and then have your child sprinkle the shavings starting with the darkest color.

Lay a second sheet of wax paper over the entire tree and gently iron and watch the colors spread! I found it worked best to press and lift in each spot rather than rubbing.

Once your tree is cool you can trim around it and use it for decoration!

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Regina said...

That turned out cute!