Sunday, November 28, 2010

All About Me Preschool Lesson Plans

For December (which is only 2 weeks due to the holidays) we are using the theme "All About Me". This is a fun one, but can get kind of overwhelming as there are just so many resources on the internet to chose from. Here is what we decided to use. I will post a video of the lapbook once I have a completed one.

I found 2 FREE All About Me Lapbooks

Pre-K and Lower Elementary - very basic information such as name, age, what I look like

Mid-Elementary and Up All About My Family- goes into a bit more detail and digs into basic genealogy.

Along with these lapbooks we are using the Let's Start Science Series books to learn about how our bodies work.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the lessons for "All About Me" month. All of the printables can be found in the above link for Pre-K and Lower Elementary:


We did the front of our lapbook covers. I basically just wrote, my name is: and I am ...years old. The older children filled wrote all of it themselves and I let them use stickers for their names and age. We then did the paper dolls and "What I want to be when I grow up".
We read about our sense of smell and then I had them smell various spices. With younger ones this was about all we could fit in for one day!


We talked about Texas, looked it up on a map and glued an outline into our lapbook. We also did our signatures (or tracing for the younger ones). We read about our sense of taste and touch.


We talked about what we liked, our favorite color, toy, animal and so on. We also talked about feelings. I had a really hard time finding a printable I liked so we drew faces that were sad, happy, scared, surprised and angry. Used contact paper and then put them into a library pocket. It worked out really well. Books were about sight and taste. The kids tasted various things as a project.

Wednesday: We finished up by making a handprint family tree and gluing pictures onto it. I had some birthday cake notepad papers that we wrote their birthdays onto. I wanted to do our helping hands and make a book by tracing their hands and then writing on it how they can help out at home but we ran out of time

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