Sunday, June 27, 2010

England Days 1&2 Choo-Choo!

We are here! We arrived safely on Thursday and have been on the go ever since. Other than the 2 hour delay at the car rental place(apparently families in need of mini-vans are few and far between as they only had one and couldn't find the keys to it!). We drove straight from the airport to Karl's grandparents and then out to eat. Admittedly, I was ready to get somewhere and get to bed but such is the nature of our visits here when they are so few. The kids have taken to their grandparents like they have seen them every day so that has thrilled everyone.

Miniature Train Ride

Not sure why he was doing this but I thought it was pretty cute.

Feeding a goat

Day 1 included a trip to Windmill Farms. The kids had a great time there. They rode little JD tractors, played on an indoor and outdoor playground, rode a mini-steam train and fed animals.

Day 2 started off with Luke waking up at an early 5 am! I got up and stayed with him until about 8 and then woke Karl up so that I could sleep a bit before we headed off to our second train ride of our visit. This time we rode a full size steam train and a mini-train that was FAST! They also had a little museum and one train dressed up as Percy from Thomas and Friends! Luke was in choo-choo heaven.


Brandie said...

Great pics! Keep us posted with the blogging. It makes me not miss you guys as much =(

Anna said...

We miss you guys too!