Friday, March 5, 2010

Trying a New Reward System

I have decided to try out a new reward system for the girls. I am blessed in that they aren't particularly difficult children, but I have been looking for something that allows the to earn certain priveleges as recently they seem to take for granted the amount of TV and computer time that they have. So we are trying it.

Basically, the girls will earn chips (counting chips) for various things ranging from keeping their room clean to using good manners and finishing school work without too much complaint. They will then trade in the chips for computer time, TV time, and so on. I hesitated to do a payment system with them because I dont want them to think that they get paid for things that must be done around the house, but I think this system teaches them that when we work hard we are rewarded, but only after we have done the things that must be done can we redeem those rewards.

I am still working out chip value but I am thinking that each chip will be worth 5 min of computer or TV time with a 30 min a day max. On occassion I will allow them to watch a longer movie or play a bit longer on the computer. Other things they can redeem them for might include a treat, staying at a friends house, a small toy, and so on. I am still working on the list for that too.

After we get back from a birthday party tomorrow I am going to go get the paint for the school room and we are going to start getting that room really done up. I bought some giant clothes pegs that I am going to modpodge and use to hang up art. I am so excited!


TIFFANY said...

Hi! I found your blog on My husband and I have been talking about a system like that for our kids too. Right now they are spending way too much time in front of the computer/tv and I hear way too much arguing over both.

Can't wait to hear how the system works out for you.

Amy Sue said...

Let me know how it goes too! I tried something like that with my kids and their chores, but my system was too complicated to keep track of so it didn't last long.

Anonymous said...

Mom of three boys and use a marble reward system with them. It is a kit called Use Your Marbles!!!