Sunday, January 3, 2010

Teacher Discounts

Most of us know that some stores will offer discounts (10%-20%) to public school teachers, but did you know that some stores will also offer discounts to private and homeschool teachers as well? Here are a few that I know will give you a discount:

Half Priced Books-Just walk in and ask them for a card. It even has a spot for you to check homeschool.

Hobby Lobby- They offer discounts to private schools, because homeschools are considered private schools in the state of Texas I just said I taught at a private school. They did ask me for an ID but I just explained that because we were a private school we didn't have one. They were ok with that. You can not just use the discount on frivilous purchases. They must be purchases specifically for schooling.

Barnes and Noble- I havent gotten this one yet so will have to update the details

Joanns- This one can actually be applied for online

Staples-Not confirmed

Office Max-Not confirmed

Lakeshore Learning- You get a card that they scan that takes 10% off. I had no trouble getting this without an ID

If anyone has any to add please let me know!

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