Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Week of Kindergarten

My little kindergartener!

Brianna creatively spelling bird
Keira writting 5s

We are officially back to school! We have been off since about mid-December so it was nice to get back to routine. I had planned on one more week off but my mother in law comes next week and I did want to have some resemblance of order when she is here LOL.

Keira has been amazing with starting up. She was a little aprehensive but jumped right in! She was very scared that I was going to move her up out of Ms. Leanns class at MDO but I assured her that she would get to grad -gi-ate( thats how she pronounces it hehe).

Here is our set up

We start our day with the Pledge of Allegiance

Both: God and Me! Devotions for Girls
I did get the younger version. I went through though and its still appropriate for them.


Horizons Math-At the moment she is blowing through 5 worksheets a day :S

ETC Primer B-She could probably be doing ETC1 but she likes them so I went ahead and let her do the primer



Math-finishing up ABEKA. We have about 2 weeks left of that. I think I am going to stick with ABEKA with her. She seems to be doing better with that than the Horizons though she did good on both.

Phonics- Life Pac-I just paid so much for this that I feel like I have to do it. I am not really enjoying it all that much


Spelling-Spelling Grade 1

I am thinking of adding science in a few months after we are in our grove. May do a health course.

This is just our structured time. We also have loads of fun learning activities we do such as dot-to-dots, mazes, puzzles, field trips and Co-op!

Happy New Year!

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