Monday, January 4, 2010

Math, Messes, and Mysteries

Silent reading time
Brianna's phonics was on the question mark today and I cracked up when she exclaimed "Look Mom! Mysteries!!"

What happens when you take your eyes off a one year old boy.

"I love math!!"

Today was chaotic. Well, that probably isn't a strong enough word for it LOL.

Luke woke up in a great mood but was very energetic and wanted to be right under my feet. He wasn't going to tolerate being confined to the Mei Tei so I tried the play yard. He did good in there for a bit if Keira played with him, but eventually escaped and landed right under my feet again. I eventually gave up on keeping him out of the school room. The result was a spread out pile of craft pon-pons.

We are starting a few new things today. The first is silent reading time. Brianna has reached the point in her reading that she can sit and decode a story with minimal to no help from me. She sat on the couch and read for about 20 min while I worked with Keira. She was so proud and I had to stop her from running to me every time she decoded a new word LOL. The second thing we are going to do that is new is Health and Fitness. I went ahead and grabbed the ABeka because I found it at Half Price.

Keira continues getting used to having structured learning time and loves math. She is also very excited about her Explode the Code primers.

One thing that has changed is the amount of time we spend at "school". I knew it would go a little longer now that Keira has sit down learning time but it has increased quite a bit more than I expected. Not a bad thing, but it has meant that I have had to readjust a few things. Thats what is great about HSing though. FLEXABILITY!!!

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