Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So.. Anna and I Met in Real Life - or - The Story of How a Whale Met a Dolphin, Part 1

Anna's hubby asked what she wanted for her big 3-0 and she said, "Jessica."  I think that was an awesome request.  I mean, I am pretty great.  The plus side was that I also got to go to this "Texas" place she keeps raving about.  I was super excited when the plane ticket was purchased and she started talking pedicures and hotel reservations.

Then it dawned on me.  I was meeting Anna - super skinny, adorable, young, and too smart for her own good, Anna.  I decided that I was just as smart but was definitely lacking in the skinny adorable department.  So, I loaded the kids into the van and went to do some shopping.

New makeup was in order since my 4 year
old helped herself to all of mine
Then I went clothes shopping.  I decided this
dress said, "Texas".
I appreciated how this one made me
feel taller.

My son said this one was too "much"
so I took his 6 year old advice and left it
at the store.

This one brought the "youngin" out in me,
so it was purchased.

Who puts big silvery stripes on their hips?
Not me!!!

I have never felt like an ice cream cone before,
well, until this moment.  I kept the shirt and
put the pants back on the rack.

And this was just the preshopping trip for the real trip! But, I had the clothes and makeup I needed to look awesome!

I am going to post more about this meet up in future posts! It will feature the results of my first pedicure *and* Anna's birthday spanking! Stay tuned for updates!

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