Monday, June 17, 2013

How Do We Know God is Really There? A Mosaics Review

Every child has, or will at some point ask the question "How do we know God is really there?" (be sure to download the free sample!). It is easy to answer with "because the Bible tells us He is", which is of course, true, but not only has God given us His word to remind us of His presence, but His has announced Himself to us throughout creation!

How Do We Know God is Really There? by Apologia is a beautifully illustrated picture book which helps even young readers to understand that the existence of God and the existence of science are not mutually exclusive. In fact with out God there is no science! Using astronomy, you and your child will reason through the questions most kids will be introduced to at a young age, from the origins of matter to time and space, and all on a kid friendly level!

If I had a con about the book it would be the length. However, I also understand that a lot of information is being covered in a short time. The book is also pretty neutral in that it doesn't go into literal creation vs evolution, but I think that is more because it just doesn't get that far. The purpose of the book is to prove that without God the universe can not exist, and so it doesn't reach beyond that. I will be interested to see if they continue the book into a series, how they address it, even if I already know where they stand on it.

The basics:

Price: $16.00

Age: pre-k through 4th though older children may still enjoy the thought provoking questions. It is the story itself that is a bit young. This is my own personal opinion though so be sure to check out the samples for yourself!

Final thoughts:
My kids enjoyed flipping through this book quite a bit and I even had to go on a mad hunt for it, because someone had snuck it off to the bedroom while I was still writing my review. I always know I have a winner when something disappears to the bedroom. I thought the book took a very logical and kid friendly approach to looking at the scientific evidence for God. I might suggest shortening the introduction story in order to make the entire book a bit shorter, but other than that, we really enjoyed it!

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