Sunday, June 23, 2013

Having It All Together - Life as Supermom


I have noticed and discussed with the homeschooling moms around me how it seems that when school is going really well, the house is a complete disaster and we worry that someone will report us to that hoarding show and probablyshould and we know that we would consider it because we could use the extra cash and free therapy cluttered and we are eating out almost everyday not eating as healthy as we should *ahem*; or when the house is clean and the meals are all made from scratch, schoolwork is not getting the amount of focus I would like.  It seems like it is one or the other.  Well, I guess, in a way, it is. 

I know people frequently look at me like I am wonderwoman, raising four kids, one who has a chronic illness, homeschooling, playing secretary/accountant for my husbands business, blogging, taking care of my handicapped brother, organizing the local bulk food drop, cleaning, cooking, being a friend to others, being a wife, and a host of other things like reading books and sewing and occasionally grinding my own wheat.  PHEW!  I tell you what! After typing all that I am tired and wonder how I "do it all".  HA!

Many of you probably hear much of the same thing I do:  "I don't know how you do it all!"  "I could never....."  "You have a lot on your plate" etc. etc.

The reality is, only a few things consume the majority of our day. The rest are things that take time here and there, and with the right amount of panic and last minute rushes proper planning, those things get done.  We prioritize what we want do and accomplish.  This is good.

The danger is when we feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities we have chosen and what we do with that sense of overwhelmedness (I am fairly certain that I just invented that word).  I tend to sit and not do anything.  I feel paralyzed and feel like I can not make decisions of any kind.  Those are the times that the house falls completely apart, school consists of a lick and promise and dinner is carry out pizza.  Those are the times that I fall off my diet, drink 54 cups of coffee in a day, and find myself considering whether or not showering and brushing my teeth are too much of an effort. Lots of people get there. The danger lies in the consequences of staying in that place.

To avoid that, I have to understand that I can not do it all. No one can.  I also understand that is not a reason to try to accomplish much.  Things have to be done. Kids must be trained and educated.  These are my responsibilities, my tasks given to me by a Holy God who knows that I am capable, even when I feel like a failure, and He will equip me with the resources I need to get the job done.  I also know that God doesn't expect a spotless house and perfectly educated kids, but he does want us to live in  decency and order.

When I feel overwhelmed, I go to Him in prayer, admitting my need for renewal in my spirit.  I also seek the counsel of trusted friends, who give me practical ideas and a good measure of grace.

Then I put one foot forward and pick up all the books that are laying around.....

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