Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Homeschooling through the eyes of my children

I saw someone do this with their unschooled children and thought it would be fun to show you what my children think of homeschooling. Here are some common questions they get.

How old are you?
Brianna -8, I mean 9!
Keira- Im 8
Luke- 4

What grade are you in?
Keira-2nd...I think...
Luke-I can't a-member

What is homeschooling?
Brianna- Doing school at home
Keira- school at home, it's basically homeschooling.
Luke- get lots of breaks and you do lots of school, even if you are at home and it's homechool

How long does school take each day?
Brianna- 2 or 3 hours
Keira- 400 years
Luke- yong!

What are you learning about right now?
Brianna- Plants, fractions, God and um, um, um, one second..., commas.
Keira- I'm reading my survivalist book, life in America when it was young
Luke- reading, math, science

What is your favorite subject?

Keira- Bible
Luke- coloring

What is your least favorite subject?

Luke- doing read, doing maff,

What are some good things about homeschooling?

Brianna- You don't have to sit at a desk for about half of the day.
Keira- You don't have to raise your hand when you go to the bathroom
Luke- I like to read and you can color

What are some bad things about homeschooling?
Brianna- takes forever to get done.
Keira- reading takes forever
Luke- not doing stuff that the Bible got in

Do you have any friends? How did you make those friends if you don't go to school?
Brianna-Yes. I see them, and I say, what is your favorite color and what is your name. I see them at restaurants and parks, mostly parks.
Keira- Of course I do! I ask them if they would like to play with us. We mostly meet them at the park and sometimes on field trips and at the zoo.
Luke- Yeah. Sometimes school and public school sometimes. I have two friends in public school. Then one more I don't know.

I need to pay more attention to where my 4 year old goes. I had no idea he had been secretly attending public school.

Do you take tests?

Keira- I don't know
Luke- no

Do you like being with your mom all day every day?
Keira- mmmmm, um....ok, yeah

Would you want to go to school if you could?

Brianna- no

What do you think you would like about going to public school?

Brianna-eating lunch with friends. Packing your lunch.
Keira- nothing
Luke- eating snacks

What do you think you would dislike about going to public school?
Brianna-sitting at a desk and having to raise your hand to go to the bathroom. I am not used to that.
Keira- You don't get many breaks.
Luke-sitting at a desk all day, even all the time.

Is your mom a good teacher?
Brianna- yes!
Keira- Oh yeah!

Do you get to play any sports?
Brianna- yes, but I don't do sports. I do art.
Keira- yes, gymnastics. I am on team.
Luke-yeah, soccer and sometimes you can get scores.

Anything else?
Brianna-I have the best family!
Keira- no thank you

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Rachel E. said...

That's wonderful. What a neat idea.

Anonymous said...

I was seriously thinking I might not be able to post my children's answers. LOL Your kids are so sweet.