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A Homeschool Mosaics Review: Spanish For You!

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I live in Texas. That pretty much means Spanish is a requirement. Being bilingual in Texas opens up a ton of job and promotion opportunities and it has always been my intentions to teach my children at least some basic Spanish that they could build on later if they chose.

Basic information about Spanish for You!:

What we reviewed: Spanish for You! Fiesta

What it comes with: 1 Spanish for You! soft cover text book, several audio downloads in mp3 format that include native speaker downloads, lesson guides for grades 3-4 and work sheets and flashcards for those levels.

Cost: $39.95

Extra materials: No extra materials are required but having some colors for the flash cards as well as some contact paper to laminate is nice.

So here is the hard part, I wanted to like this curriculum. It seemed spot on at first glance and was a great price compared to other programs for teaching Spanish. The biggest issue I had was the download files being all out of order. In order to get things together for each lesson, I had to search through the files and find the corresponding supplements. I am all about grab and go. Another big issue for me was that while there were lesson guides, they were so basic that as a parent with little to no Spanish speaking ability, I had no idea how to administer the lesson. I would listen to the audio, try to remember pronunciations while I went over them with the girls, listen to the audio again to get pronunciations, try to play the games and so on. There just wasn't enough teacher help for me to feel comfortable and fluid in teaching my own children. It didn't work for me as I believe it was intended.

On the other hand, my girls had a fantastic time reading the vocabulary themselves in their free time and if it did nothing else, it sparked an interest in learning Spanish that I will definitely run with. There are things that I love about this curriculum. The author uses hand drawn pictures which I found very charming and my kids related to, the price point is great if you can make the curriculum work for you, and the fact that it has native and non-native speaking audio files is a fantastic idea.

I want to love every product that is sent to me, but the truth is that sometimes something just doesn't work. I can't personally recommend Spanish for You! if what you need is a scripted, thoroughly laid out and well organized Spanish program, but please do check out the Spanish for You! site and see what you think for yourself!

REVISED: We were sent an email this morning from the publisher this morning and the files have been reorganized so that navigation is easier. I have not seen the reorganized files, but can imagine that, that alone makes a huge difference.

Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Any expressed opinion is 100% mine.

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