Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TOS Review: Always Icecream for Girls

After doing two other reviews for online learning I was beginning to think what else could one possibly do to make an online learning site fun and unique? Surely, at this point people are running out of fun ideas! Well, let me tell you about Always Icecream, a educational site for girls that takes the best of learning and merges it with fun!

You can tell which games earn scoops by the icecream laid over the game!

Always Icecream is an online site designed specifically for girls ages 7-12 and is available with a monthly membership starting at $4.99 (Free Trial and $.99 for first month!) up to a lifetime membership for $99.99. It has a mixture of educational games which earn your daughter scoops of icecream which can be spent raising a pet in pet world and decorating a home in miniworld. Girls can also create a mini-me and interact with other girls that they "friend".

Games include wide variety of subjects such as math, US geography, language arts, foreign language, Bible and my favorite, typing skills. There are even videos to watch!

As your daughter plays the games, they will get progressively harder and parents can apply for a free parent account that allows them to see a comprehensive view of how their child is doing as well as manage account settings and other details about her online activity within the site. An especially neat feature is that you can set up a custom activity for your daughter and reward her with extra scoops!

So what did the girls think of this site? They LOVED it. I mean LOVED. I had no problems getting them to play the games because they were rewarded with playtime afterwards in miniworld and petworld. We have truly enjoyed it! I as a parent also love the option for an affordable lifetime membership. This is a review site but could nicely supplement your current curriculum and a lot of online learning sites have very expensive subscription fees, but Always Icecream is actually affordable! This is by far our favorite online learning site so far!

Be sure to find out what my fellow crew members thought about Always Icecream!

I was given a lifetime membership to Always Icecream in exchange for an honest review. Any opinion expressed here is 100% accurate to the best of my ability. Please take a moment to visit my full disclosure policy.

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