Sunday, October 23, 2011

There are Elephants Upstairs

I can always tell when daddy gets the kinect out. The sound of my roof about to cave in used to scare me. Now, I just trust( and by trust I mean that I close my eyes and cringe every time I hear a bang) that my house can withstand not only the movement for the games, but also the mad attempts by my 3 year old to fly off the furniture. I am waiting for the day he decides to try to fly over the open banister. The noises are usually followed my my husband's half-hearted attempt to convince our son that pretending to be superman and actually BEING superman are two different things. Whose idea was it to get a two story house?


Crisc said...

I feel that same way with my 2 yr old and the stairs! Have a good week =)

MissMOE said...

Wanted to let you know you've won the Liebster Blog Award! Come on over and check it out!