Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Walt Disney World Adventure A Field Guide and Activity Book for Explorers

Do you think of educational when you think of Disney World? If not you should! Disney is full of everything from history and geography to science and art. When we planned our trip to Disney I was determined that in the homeschooling way, that even our vacation would be a learning experience. I flopped. Well sort of. I have to admit that in all of the chaos I did not pull Walt Disney World Adventure out at all, but not to worry! This book is so fun and thurough that we were able to complete it as a unit study after we got back!

Walt Disney World Adventure: A Field Guide and Activity Book for Explorers is a great book by Tracie A. Cook filled that retails for around $12  and is filled with fun facts and activities. There are traveling tips, back stories to the rides, puzzles and other interesting facts through out the book. It covers all four of the parks so you will have plenty do do! The over 100 pages activities are age appropriate for around 8-14 but even as an adult I found the facts in it interesting! Activities include mazes, cryptograms, numeric puzzles, decoding and so much more. With a little bit of help even my youngest could do some of the activities. And don't worry, the answers are in the back of the book if you get stuck on something!

While this book is obviously more fun at the parks or directly after, you could actually modify this to be a unit study! So whether you are just looking to make your trip educational or if you are just interested in studying Disney World, Walt Disney World Adventure: A Field Guide and Activity Book for Explorers this book is a blast!

Be sure to visit Tracie's site for other Adventure guides as well as crafts and more!

I was given a free copy of Tracie's book in exchange for an honest review. This blog is a truthful opinion of the book. Please take a moment to check out my full disclosure.


The Writing Garden said...

This sounds like something I would definitely want to get! We are passholders and go to Disney at least twice a month. It would be great to "sneak" in some extra learning! Where can I get a copy? Thanks!

Anna said...

Either link in the post will take you tO the book;) one on amazon.